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Digital Marketing to make your business easy to find online

I've been working with website owners for over 20 years, helping them improve their online presence, making their websites more attractive, helping make thir wabsite more visible and easier to fgonad and working with them to turn websites in to business tools.

I started working with client SEO in 2001, Google Ads in 2003 and Social Media in 2008 and continue to learn. As well as keeping up to date with changes in the digital marketing field I keep my eye open for new opportunities. Opportunities that will give you the advantage over your competition.

A lot of websites that I look at look pretty, have snazzy “stuff” happening. Quite a few have pretty animated images and sliding graphics. However, they fail one fundamental test! They don’t provide anything that the customer needs. This means that the businesses don’t get the inquiries or make the sales they need.

I’ve also seen loads of businesses jump on on-line marketing “bandwagons”. They feel disappointed when the hoped-for results don’t appear. This may because they’ve jumped too soon, jumped on the wrong bandwagon, haven’t given it enough time, or have gone about it the wrong way.

You need an effective website, you want more visitors from Google and the other search engines. Your Social Media, Email Marketing and Blogging needs to be effective.

I’ll work for, and with you, to build the visibility, and awareness, of your business which has been proven to deliver more enquiries, more sales, and more profit.

If you want to take these tasks on internally then I’ll happily provide training to upskill the key people in your business.

Although the majority of businesses I work with are SMEs, I work with business start-ups, sole traders, SMEs, medium sized businesses and even large corporations and I am comfortable working with people at every level.

I Provide help and support in a way that avoids the use of confusing jargon and acronyms and so is easy to understand and focused on your needs.

Alternatively you might just want to understand how everything works together. If this sounds like your business, then we should talk.

Get in touch today, call 01793 238020 or email andy@enterprise-oms.co.uk, for a free, confidential, and zero obligation chat

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Enterprise Online Marketing Solutions

Enterprise Online Marketing Solutions

Bowman House Whitehill Industrial Estate Swindon SN47DB
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